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For business to thrive, it must embrace a culture of collaboration

As today’s world becomes increasingly interconnected, digital disruption continues to present significant challenges for both businesses and their employees. However, despite technology constantly changing the way we work, a company’s most valuable asset remains its employees. With this in mind, when employees highlight the value that they believe social media could add to their office [...]

Are you #Reimagining how your people work today?

[Opinion piece by Ricoh UK and Ireland CEO – Phil Keoghan] The changing world of work is happening all around us today. It affects all organisations, large and small, and irrespective of whether they operate in the private or the public sector. The issues defining it have tangible, practical consequences that can affect productivity and [...]

The Generational divide – new research in UK and Ireland reveals tension is expected to grow in the workplace

Nearly two thirds (63 per cent) of older employees in the UK and Ireland expect workplace tensions to increase with the arrival of a new generation of workers into their companies. According to research commissioned by Ricoh, the stark findings point to a corporate collision course, as for the first time in history a fourth generation [...]

Consumers care about business ethics

No one cares about business ethics as long as they get the product they want, right? Wrong. 51% of UK consumers say they’re more likely to purchase goods from a business they consider to be ethically responsible. And to them a key aspect of responsibility is treating employees well – providing a positive, flexible working [...]

How Gen Z’s ‘always on’ mindset will reshape the world of work

While the youngest are still being born, the oldest members of Generation Z are now 19 years of age and are making the journey from full-time education to the workplace. They are eager, digital natives with a unique approach to the concept of work. New research into the 4G Workplace by Coleman Parkes, sponsored by [...]

Managing change in business critial document processes

Transforming business critical document processes is vital to increasing worker productivity and ultimately meeting top corporate goals: financial targets, innovation and superior customer service. The ability to fully realise the benefits of transforming business critical document processes depends on success in changing people’s behaviour. Below are some of the best practices that bring the organisational [...]

Why ‘mobile first’ should mean total business transformation

There’s no doubt that mobile has changed both our personal and work lives. The impact that smartphones have had on businesses has reached further than anyone could have predicted. And with 4G connectivity facilitating more mobile working across Europe, this trend is set to accelerate even further. This was highlighted in the recent iOS 9 [...]

Find out how the interactive whiteboard is helping Virgin Money’s IT department to improve its incident management

Pen and paper ways of working may have been the traditional choice for us but new technologies have opened up much more engaging, interactive and effective ways to collaborate, share information and connect remote teams into a seamless, virtual ones. Virgin Money is a prime example of having experienced inefficiencies by using the traditional flip [...]

Article: What all organisaitons can learn from retail banks

In today’s rapidly changing world where expectations are rising all the time, the need for agility has never been greater as business competes on its responsiveness to customer needs and changes in the marketplace. Nowhere is this more apparent than in retail banking – so what can leaders of all industries learn about banks and [...]

Article: 40 years on from the ‘Paperless Office’ (and three steps to a digital workplace)

‘The Paperless Office’ was a term featured in BusinessWeek magazine on June 30, 1975. Forty years later and the future of work is still a hot topic for business leaders but are we any nearer to the paperless office, and what steps are needed for organisations to realise a digital future? Reading the article and [...]