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Article: Making sense of flexible working – why your organisation needs to reassess its approach

Flexible working is not an easy concept to sell to the board of any organisation. For many, the idea brings with it misconceived notions relating to its supposed negative impact on productivity, accountability and employee engagement. But I don’t think any board can realistically continue to ignore flexible working and its potential benefits. Whether you’re a CEO, [...]

Article: What is the role of the IT department in enabling productivity and growth in the workplace?

IT Departments have historically been running the basic infrastructure plumbing and keeping the lights working. Understandably, emails have to work, back end systems have to support the day-to-day tasks of the organisation and people have to have laptops and work stations that are functioning. So much time is spent doing the normal mundane but essential IT [...]

Article: How IT and business strategy are finally achieving alignment

Way back in the distant past I recall the way to sell technology and services was a two-pronged affair. You would have a ‘techie’ conversation with the technical decision maker or TDM, and then you would have a separate, and very different conversation with the business decision maker or BDM. Rarely did you have this [...]

Article: Work smarter – save and share documents more efficiently

To help organisations and employees work smarter, boost productivity and efficiency, a document management system is often a good solution. By reducing the time they spend on routine administrative tasks, you create more time for employees to spend on high-value work.  Ineffective gathering and organisation of documents as they flow in and out of an [...]

Article: Three key trends that are changing the way we work and collaborate

The way we work is changing. Collaboration technologies are, in my view, more than just tools to allow us to cater for a mobile workforce, or to lower the costs of travel for our people. They are essential to enabling them to do their jobs effectively and efficiently – to share information and ideas with their colleagues, customers as [...]

Article: How flexible working can help you become an employer of choice

How do you become an employer of choice? And more to the point, why should you become an employer of choice? But before I answer both, let me set out the context in which I pose these questions. Technology is helping to eliminate various ‘factory’ processes – ie routine, repetitive manual tasks – from our back offices: many such repetitive [...]

Video: How is the world of work changing

How we work is changing. The evolving demographic profile of the workforce, the ever-increasing expectations we have from our places of work as well as new technologies and tools available to us are reshaping how we collaborate, share information and ultimately do our jobs. How well we adapt to the long-term implications of these trends [...]

Article: Are we entering an era of digital maturity?

According to recent research, many businesses believe that digital maturity could soon become an essential strategic asset, as well as a key driver to boost organisational appeal, reputation and long term profits. Digital maturity is where an organisation uses sophisticated tools to drive performance and demonstrates an on-going commitment to technology, technology-led initiatives and digitally [...]

Article: IT’s time for the CIO to step up and lead the digital transformation of the workplace

The digital transformation of the workplace is one of those concepts that can both excite and frustrate senior management in equal measures. Its attraction, in my view, lies chiefly in its inherent promise of new and faster ways of doing things that should in turn create a more agile, productive and consequently profitable organisation. Which CEO [...]