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The 3 things customers look for when they interact with brands online

Caring for your customers on an individual level can be challenging in an age of digital engagement. Ricoh’s recent research covering 3,600 respondents across 23 countries, revealed the ‘Triple R’ that consumers value most when they interact with brands. For the full infographic, download below. Reach From the start of the buying journey, brands that [...]

What do PayPal, Yamaha Motor and Amazon have in common?

70% of European consumers feel that the best brands treat them as individuals. Ricoh’s recent research from a survey of 3,600 respondents, revealed that companies who prioritised personalisation of their services tended to meet customer expectations most often. Ricoh has developed a ‘Triple R’ rating, which measures consumer relationships with brands as they interact before [...]

How to delight your customer in a digital-first world

What does success look like from the perspective of a customer buying from your brand online?  Ricoh’s recent research covered 3,600 respondents from 23 countries and found that the customer journey has three distinct stages, which we’re calling ‘Triple R.’ Reach: the ability for a brand to encourage engagement from a consumer. Respond: the likelihood [...]

Does mobile technology put your businesses security at risk?

Embracing IT into your business presents threats, as well as opportunities. Computer malware is increasingly financially-motivated and less like the sabotage hacking of the past. Mobility can boost your business, but be aware that your perimeters also need to be protected. David Emm of Kaspersky Lab, had this insight into the growth of ransomware. “Mobile [...]

Mobile technology: A step-change for retail

Mobile technology is at the forefront of a new dynamic relationship between the customer and retail businesses. Why? Because tech delivered at the point of purchase saves time and money, with fewer stock incidents and more delight from customers at critical touch-points. 47% of shoppers report better experience when store associates consult devices, and 70% [...]

Case Study: UK retail embraces Omni-Channel sales approach

The days when customers could afford to spend weeks making retail decisions are over. In today’s digital world, those decisions increasingly happen online. With customers researching and comparing their purchases online instead of browsing in store, how can retailers and businesses better capitalise on this buying behaviour? Carpetright is pioneering the divide between in-store and [...]

How are retailers harnessing technology to drive sales?

One morning in central London, inside Fortnum & Mason, a group of high-level retail influencers came together to address a single question. How can retailers better harness technology in order to improve the customer experience? Marcel Borlin, Chief Technology Officer for Carpetright, spoke first to explain the issue that led to the retailer deciding to [...]

Managing global change: 3 key tips for business leaders

Ricoh has uncovered that 95% of European workers feel positive about the potential for growth in 2017. Is this shared by employers? Economic and political upheaval have created uncertainty amongst business leaders, as new regulations and policy changes have growing implications for decision-makers. Interestingly, our research shows workers are already aware of this, and have [...]

Which industries are set to shift most in 2017?

Ricoh’s recent research, ‘A World of Change’ engaged over 2,000 respondents across Europe to address the changing dynamics of the modern workplace. The sector analysis revealed some very interesting insights. Workers in the financial services are keenly anticipating expected automation, with 62% of workers highlighting this as a benefit. Manufacturing and professional services were most [...]

How can your employees work smarter in 2017?

The way we work is changing rapidly. When Ricoh conducted research across 2,000 European employees in January 2017, we found the vast majority of workers (91%) knew their ways of working would change in 2017. We asked employees to identify key areas of change, and the findings were revealing. Firstly, our findings showed that technology [...]