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What has been the greatest challenge facing European businesses since 2012?

It’s no secret that the future of business is global. When directors and C-level executives were asked to identify the most important factor in meeting the needs of their employees in the future, 65% said global connectivity. Research by Ricoh, A new perspective: Ricoh Document Governance Index, found interesting trends in the way businesses are [...]

The single thing senior managers must do to improve their business processes

European businesses are having to adapt to a changing work environment, and improving critical document processes is a vital part of staying competitive. Ricoh’s recent research, A new perspective: Ricoh Document Governance Index, shows employees are not as involved as they’d like to be when new ways of working are introduced. When asked what single [...]

Consulting employees: The most important step in improving your business process

Research by Ricoh into the way businesses manage their processes has revealed interesting trends. As European business moves away from paper based, document heavy ways of working, Ricoh’s research, A new perspective: Ricoh Document Governance Index, shows that it’s often employees who better understand ways of updating these processes. Although 93% of employers claimed to [...]

How connected are your business processes and the technology you use?

A study into European-wide business processes by Ricoh uncovered some interesting new trends. When reviewing business critical document processes, 78% of businesses review their processes every six months, but only 51% of businesses review the technology associated with this as frequently. Simply put, businesses don’t connect processes with the technology behind it often enough. Maintaining [...]

Are you spending too much on updating technology?

A surprising number of business leaders invest in technology before fully investigating its functionality. A report by Ricoh recently found that when asked how best to improve their business-critical document processes, over 40% of business leaders said they would invest in hardware first. In fact, these leaders would also recommend this as a first step [...]

Is there a divide between the back and front office in your business technology?

There is a growing gap in technology used between the front and back office, Ricoh Document Governance Index has found. Ricoh spoke to over 1000 business leaders across Europe, and found that investment in technology is focused on the front office client-facing activity, neglecting the needs of the back office, such as finance and marketing. [...]

Are cloud technologies helpful to your business?

Business leaders in Europe are divided over the validity of cloud technologies for business processes, a report by Ricoh has found (A new perspective: Ricoh Document Governance Index). Technological change is happening rapidly, and many business leaders felt under pressure to keep up with the pace of this. 78% of leaders invest in technology for [...]

Don’t delay your internal document reviews, it could cost you more than you expect

According to the report, ‘A new perspective: Ricoh Document Governance Index’, most companies review their document processes once a year. But 56% are spending only a day or less doing so, and following review, the majority of businesses make no changes. This ‘light touch’ approach of spending just a day reviewing vital processes could have [...]

How to manage your businesses’ reputation with the right document targets

Most businesses set targets for costs, efficiency and performance, but few have document processes that support the changing business climate. External pressures on business brought by the big data explosion has led to a target driven climate, but without the correct processes for your business critical documents these targets are less likely to be achieved. [...]

Are businesses forgetting something? The importance of a document process management strategy

Businesses across Europe may be failing to implement strategies that could simplify the way they cope with a changing digital climate. A study by Ricoh, A new perspective: Ricoh Document Governance Index, uncovered that 57% of businesses across Europe do not currently have a developed and implemented strategy to manage their document processes. This figure [...]