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Article – Workstyle innovation is crucial for driving employee productivity in today’s digital workplace

Employee productivity has always been a top priority for senior management. However, delivering it in a sustainable manner is becoming a significant challenge in today’s increasingly mobile, digitally-optimised and hyper-competitive world. In one context, productivity is about creating an environment in which all employees – from Baby Boomers to Generation Z – can access information, [...]

Case study: Nationwide building society partners with Ricoh to deliver business service transformation

One of the key business services at Nationwide, the world’s largest building society, is managing print for around 700 high street branches and multiple administration centres. Through a partnership with Ricoh's Managed Print Service, Nationwide has transformed its enterprise-wide print service, reducing costs by £56,000 in three months, halving the print fleet and improving operations [...]

Case study: Ricoh helps leading UK mortgage servicing business transform their operations and cut costs by 30%

Acenden, one of the UK’s leading mortgage servicing companies, relies on its ability to send and receive 100,000s of letters every year. But with demand increasing, its existing print and mail operation could not cope. By using a Ricoh Managed Document Service to outsource these operations, Acenden has transformed the way it communicates with customers, [...]

Article: Bursting the Gen Z bubble: Businesses and digital natives could be in for a shock

Historically, the entrance of new generations into the workplace has caused varying levels of disruption. And the arrival of Generation Z is expected to be no different. They’re the first fully digital generation, the true “children of the internet” who won’t remember a life before broadband – and are headed en-masse to workplaces now. Born [...]

Article: Why Baby Boomers are the backbone of the 4G Workplace

As us marketeers can attest, the newest and shiniest products tend to get the most attention. It’s the same with the multi-generational workforce, as the spotlight now beams brightest on Generation Z (those currently aged 19 years and younger). Yet, while Gen Zs’ expectations are forcing business leaders to consider how the entire staff pool [...]

Article: Creating a positive work culture isn’t just about being nice: it pays

Work culture feeds into all aspects of a business. Smart leaders know that their treatment of employees dictates how likely a person is to stay in a company and the value they will bring. Should that employee leave, it determines how many talented people will apply for their job and ultimately, take the business to [...]

Article: How would your organisation rate its readiness for a digital future?

The intense debate, analysis and the general excitement surrounding the digital workplace and its potential ramifications can at times obfuscate the practical challenges that really need to be understood about this critically important issue. That the digital workplace is generating so much excitement and analysis is not unusual. This type of buzz often accompanies a [...]

Case study: Specsavers uses Ricoh IT Services to deliver first-class IT support to retail stores and achieve savings of 25% year-on-year

Specsavers, the UK’s leading retail opticians, has once again extended its 12-year partnership with Ricoh IT Services (ITS) because of the professional, reliable and excellent IT managed support service provided to Specsavers retail stores. Not only will the next phase of the relationship see more service improvements, but both Specsavers and Ricoh have put in [...]

Article: Is your organisation’s digital strategy fit for purpose?

When senior leaders talk about transforming their business they often describe the answer as needing a digital strategy. To them it can be quite an easy statement to make. After all – who doesn’t understand the impact that a digital experience can have? Facebook, iPhone, Netflix, Siri and so on. But to the IT and [...]

Report: Agent of change – the future of technology disruption in business

Business leaders are expecting wrenching change to their industry sectors in the future due to the impacts of technology, according to research by the Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by Ricoh. The research, which is published in the report Agent of Change - The Future of Technology Disruption in Business, reveals that business leaders expect [...]