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Share Everything: The Key To Empowering Your Digital Workforce

As the workplace changes, a new type of worker is being created. Is this new class of intelligent digital workers the future of employment? How the iWorker is now the most desired type of employee, and how to empower them in your workplace:    What is an iWorker?  iWorkers, or ‘intelligent workers’, are a new [...]

Space – The Final Workplace frontier?

All of us want to push the boundaries of what we’re capable of. In 2017, organisations are shaping new workplace frontiers, with digital innovation creating a completely new way of working. Modern leaders need to inspire their teams, implement the latest technology and stay ahead of the curve at the same time. With workspace under [...]

Managing global change: 3 key tips for business leaders

Ricoh has uncovered that 95% of European workers feel positive about the potential for growth in 2017. Is this shared by employers? Economic and political upheaval have created uncertainty amongst business leaders, as new regulations and policy changes have growing implications for decision-makers. Interestingly, our research shows workers are already aware of this, and have [...]

Which industries are set to shift most in 2017?

Ricoh’s recent research, ‘A World of Change’ engaged over 2,000 respondents across Europe to address the changing dynamics of the modern workplace. The sector analysis revealed some very interesting insights. Workers in the financial services are keenly anticipating expected automation, with 62% of workers highlighting this as a benefit. Manufacturing and professional services were most [...]

Which factors will shape your business the most in 2017?

Research by Ricoh across 2,000 European employees has shown that 2017 is expected to be a year of enormous change. The report entitled, ‘A World of Change' uncovered four major factors that will shape the economy of Europe and beyond. Growing confidence Despite the result of the EU referendum in June 2016, Ricoh’s research found [...]

Why are European workers feeling optimistic about 2017?

Although 2016 was the year of global change, it’s in 2017 that we can expect to see its impact on the way we work. Ricoh conducted research with 2,000 respondents from across Europe in January 2017. Our study found that 95% of employees believe the changing landscape will actually benefit their business in the coming [...]

How can I drive more ‘digital dexterity’ in my business?

Could UK businesses be unintentionally denying their employees the chance to share skills? Ricoh’s research in 2016 found workers have more confidence in technology than business leaders may be aware of. If your staff are confidently using communications technologies outside of the office, bringing them into the workspace could drive more collaboration. Are you too [...]

Social collaboration tools in the workplace: friend or foe?

When it comes to collaboration, employees are more optimistic about social technologies than business leaders. Many businesses believe that they should ban these digital platforms altogether. Ricoh conducted research with 2,000 UK workers in December 2016, and we discovered that 44% of workers believe social technologies improve day to day collaboration. This disconnect is [...]

Can your business afford to be a slow adopter of technology?

There is no room for complacency about your digital strategy. When Ricoh surveyed 2,000 UK workers in 2016 we found a troubling disconnect between perceptions of technology at work, and the reality. While some businesses are slow to adopt new ways of working, we found that a third of workers would leave their current position [...]

How your business should see technology – through the eyes of your youngest employees

Your millennial employees bring with them a whole new approach to the workplace. Ricoh has commissioned a study of 2,000 UK workers, and our findings show some fascinating trends in relation to younger workers and IT.  You already know that social media is ubiquitous, but your newest employees are more adept and embedded in this [...]