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Why your employees are your biggest digital asset

At Ricoh, we know that the biggest and most innovative technology your business will ever possess are its people. Your staff bring invaluable digital dexterity to your business. In fact, as social media and collaboration tools develop and increasingly overlap with our existing working practises, your workers may know more about innovation than you expect. [...]

For business to thrive, it must embrace a culture of collaboration

As today’s world becomes increasingly interconnected, digital disruption continues to present significant challenges for both businesses and their employees. However, despite technology constantly changing the way we work, a company’s most valuable asset remains its employees. With this in mind, when employees highlight the value that they believe social media could add to their office [...]

What single thing do your young employees crave the most?

A recent study by Ricoh, A new perspective: Ricoh Document Governance Index, found that employees born after 1990 often have a unique perspective on work. What this generation crave most is a formal structure to work in, in which tasks are reviewed so they can make progress. Unlike older generations of 36-47, the under 25-age [...]

What has been the greatest challenge facing European businesses since 2012?

It’s no secret that the future of business is global. When directors and C-level executives were asked to identify the most important factor in meeting the needs of their employees in the future, 65% said global connectivity. Research by Ricoh, A new perspective: Ricoh Document Governance Index, found interesting trends in the way businesses are [...]

The single thing senior managers must do to improve their business processes

European businesses are having to adapt to a changing work environment, and improving critical document processes is a vital part of staying competitive. Ricoh’s recent research, A new perspective: Ricoh Document Governance Index, shows employees are not as involved as they’d like to be when new ways of working are introduced. When asked what single [...]

Consulting employees: The most important step in improving your business process

Research by Ricoh into the way businesses manage their processes has revealed interesting trends. As European business moves away from paper based, document heavy ways of working, Ricoh’s research, A new perspective: Ricoh Document Governance Index, shows that it’s often employees who better understand ways of updating these processes. Although 93% of employers claimed to [...]

Digital Dexterity denied?

Chas Moloney discusses our latest Ricoh UK report: ‘Digital Dexterity: Denied’ Infographic - Click to view At Ricoh, we are proud to champion growth through workstyle innovation. Equipping employees and customers with the tools, technology and culture to grow and flourish, is imperative to how our business operates today. A more agile and flexible [...]

Dynamic Workplaces for Dynamic Work

Free Your Employees From ‘Presenteeism’? A recent global study by Vodafone found that 75% of businesses worldwide have a form of tech-enabled working policy. In those businesses, eight out of ten reported improvements in productivity. This means that the UK cannot risk being left behind in the global move towards a more pragmatic working style. The [...]

How Can You Free Your Employees From ‘Presenteeism’?

Adopt a Different Approach ‘Presenteeism’ is most notable among the younger generation where workers exaggerate the extent of their workloads, staying in the office well beyond contracted hours in a bid to look busy and get ahead. Recent research commissioned by Ricoh shows that this relates to roughly 67% (two-thirds) of young professionals in the [...]

3 Ways to Bridge The Digital Gap In Your Organisation

Is there a gap in the UK between the workforce and workplace? Our report with YouGov, ‘Overhauling a culture of ‘Presenteeism’ at work’ recently revealed some employers haven’t yet recognised the benefits of flexible, tech-enabled working. Businesses that buy into a tech-enabled ways of working are more productive, and provide more flexibility to their employees. [...]