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What Is ‘Presenteeism’ and How Can You Free Your Employees From It?

Presenteeism: A Brewing Culture There is a brewing culture of ‘presenteeism’ amongst some workers in the UK, a report Ricoh is issuing has uncovered. This term used to refer to those who used work when sick, but the definition now includes a generation of young people who feel inclined to fake the extent of their [...]

Man over Machine: Automation in Healthcare and Education

Based on the report Humans and machines: The role of people in technology driven organisations, we’re taking a look at the role of human and technological interaction in the workforces of the future. Our previous blog looked at how finance and manufacturing are using automation to focus manpower on design and creativity. But how would this [...]

Automation Over Intuition? The Future Workforces of Finance and Manufacturing

What will the workforce in finance and manufacturing look like in the future? The Economist Intelligence Unit report, Humans and machines: The role of people in technology-driven organisations delves into the compelling sector of workplace automation. In the first of a two-part blog, we look at whether technology could ever displace humans in the workplace. [...]

Are you #Reimagining how your people work today?

[Opinion piece by Ricoh UK and Ireland CEO – Phil Keoghan] The changing world of work is happening all around us today. It affects all organisations, large and small, and irrespective of whether they operate in the private or the public sector. The issues defining it have tangible, practical consequences that can affect productivity and [...]

The Generational divide – new research in UK and Ireland reveals tension is expected to grow in the workplace

Nearly two thirds (63 per cent) of older employees in the UK and Ireland expect workplace tensions to increase with the arrival of a new generation of workers into their companies. According to research commissioned by Ricoh, the stark findings point to a corporate collision course, as for the first time in history a fourth generation [...]

Consumers care about business ethics

No one cares about business ethics as long as they get the product they want, right? Wrong. 51% of UK consumers say they’re more likely to purchase goods from a business they consider to be ethically responsible. And to them a key aspect of responsibility is treating employees well – providing a positive, flexible working [...]

How Gen Z’s ‘always on’ mindset will reshape the world of work

While the youngest are still being born, the oldest members of Generation Z are now 19 years of age and are making the journey from full-time education to the workplace. They are eager, digital natives with a unique approach to the concept of work. New research into the 4G Workplace by Coleman Parkes, sponsored by [...]

Reimaging the digital evolution of retail banking

The traditional bank branch has undergone a massive transformation over the past few years. Gone are the long queues of customers waiting patiently to conduct routine transactions such as paying bills, withdrawing cash and transferring money. Increasing automation and self-service banking within the branch, as well as the development of sophisticated telephone and online banking [...]

Article – Why flexibility is essential to establishing and delivering a changing workforce

Ricoh Europe, London, 23 February 2015 – We often hear how people are a company’s most important asset, but how well does your employer recognise your work-related needs and preferences? Today, Europe’s business leaders could be facing their broadest range of challenges yet. In addition to longstanding tasks such as ensuring customer retention, identifying new [...]

Article – Driving employee productivity and wellbeing in a future of everywhere ergonomic technology

It’s difficult to avoid advertisements or news stories about the amazing technological feats the modern ‘intelligent car’ can perform. One of the most impressive is that a vehicle can now ‘know’ its position on the road, sense when it may be veering into another lane and transmit a warning vibration through the seat to jolt [...]