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Article – 3 ways to prepare for the multigenerational workforce

Ricoh Europe, London, 02, November 2015 – According to Deloitte’s 2015 Global Human Capital Trends Report , just 22 per cent of business leaders believe HR is adapting to the needs of their changing workforce. This is a shockingly low number and suggests that many businesses are in danger of not catering for the needs [...]

Article – Four essential reads to help you deliver growth through workstyle innovation

The introduction of Generation Z into the workforce has made it critically important for senior management to understand how best to create a working environment that helps their entire workforce – including Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y – to share information, collaborate and to be ever more productive and positively engaged. No forward-thinking [...]

Article – Workstyle innovation is crucial for driving employee productivity in today’s digital workplace

Employee productivity has always been a top priority for senior management. However, delivering it in a sustainable manner is becoming a significant challenge in today’s increasingly mobile, digitally-optimised and hyper-competitive world. In one context, productivity is about creating an environment in which all employees – from Baby Boomers to Generation Z – can access information, [...]

Article: Bursting the Gen Z bubble: Businesses and digital natives could be in for a shock

Historically, the entrance of new generations into the workplace has caused varying levels of disruption. And the arrival of Generation Z is expected to be no different. They’re the first fully digital generation, the true “children of the internet” who won’t remember a life before broadband – and are headed en-masse to workplaces now. Born [...]

Article: Why Baby Boomers are the backbone of the 4G Workplace

As us marketeers can attest, the newest and shiniest products tend to get the most attention. It’s the same with the multi-generational workforce, as the spotlight now beams brightest on Generation Z (those currently aged 19 years and younger). Yet, while Gen Zs’ expectations are forcing business leaders to consider how the entire staff pool [...]

Article: Creating a positive work culture isn’t just about being nice: it pays

Work culture feeds into all aspects of a business. Smart leaders know that their treatment of employees dictates how likely a person is to stay in a company and the value they will bring. Should that employee leave, it determines how many talented people will apply for their job and ultimately, take the business to [...]

Case study: Ricoh partnership with CBI delivers a “remarkable” workplace transformation

When the CBI, the UK’s voice of business, moved into its new, central London office it was a chance to change the way the business lobbying organisation worked. In partnership with Ricoh, the CBI has achieved what it describes as a remarkable transformation in its office environment, making it easier for staff to collaborate, [...]

Report: What are the key trends shaping the future of work?

The way we work has been shaped throughout history by a number of factors, such as technology, economics, politics, and the environment. Organisations that stand the test of time are those that have successfully adapted to the ever changing nature of work. They have adopted the working styles, technologies, management techniques and organisational characteristics that [...]

Article: Making sense of flexible working – why your organisation needs to reassess its approach

Flexible working is not an easy concept to sell to the board of any organisation. For many, the idea brings with it misconceived notions relating to its supposed negative impact on productivity, accountability and employee engagement. But I don’t think any board can realistically continue to ignore flexible working and its potential benefits. Whether you’re a CEO, [...]

Article: How flexible working can help you become an employer of choice

How do you become an employer of choice? And more to the point, why should you become an employer of choice? But before I answer both, let me set out the context in which I pose these questions. Technology is helping to eliminate various ‘factory’ processes – ie routine, repetitive manual tasks – from our back offices: many such repetitive [...]