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Lessons From The Public Sector: Make Your Data Work For You

Across the public and private sectors, perspectives on the way we handle data are changing. A recent report from Ricoh with the Economist Intelligence Unit makes this plain. But the public sector can give some unexpected insight. What can governments' approach to data technology add to your business processes?   Digital ambitions The public sector [...]

The Guide to Digital Workplace Security (Part Two)

This month, Ricoh is focusing in on workplace security and data management. This guide is part of a two-part series to help you identify the key stages of securing your business against increasing cyber threats. You can read part one here and download our full insight report below: How to delete what you don’t need [...]

The Guide to Digital Workplace Security (Part One)

This month, Ricoh is focusing in on workplace security and data management. This guide is part of a two-part series to help you identify the key stages of securing your business against increasing cyber threats. Download our full insight report below: How to get started The first stage of any business securing itself against possible [...]

The 3 things customers look for when they interact with brands online

Caring for your customers on an individual level can be challenging in an age of digital engagement. Ricoh’s recent research covering 3,600 respondents across 23 countries, revealed the ‘Triple R’ that consumers value most when they interact with brands. For the full infographic, download below. Reach From the start of the buying journey, brands that [...]

What do PayPal, Yamaha Motor and Amazon have in common?

70% of European consumers feel that the best brands treat them as individuals. Ricoh’s recent research from a survey of 3,600 respondents, revealed that companies who prioritised personalisation of their services tended to meet customer expectations most often. Ricoh has developed a ‘Triple R’ rating, which measures consumer relationships with brands as they interact before [...]

How to delight your customer in a digital-first world

What does success look like from the perspective of a customer buying from your brand online?  Ricoh’s recent research covered 3,600 respondents from 23 countries and found that the customer journey has three distinct stages, which we’re calling ‘Triple R.’ Reach: the ability for a brand to encourage engagement from a consumer. Respond: the likelihood [...]

Solving the puzzle – what’s the future outlook for Europe’s business leaders?

European business leaders are under constant pressure to keep up with the pace of global change, with businesses managing ever-mounting volumes of data. A recent study by Ricoh revealed that almost 40% of business leaders think they will cease to be competitive if they don’t invest in new technology. But investment in technology may not [...]

The real reason 82% of employees think their current ways of working are ineffective

A study by Ricoh into business leaders and employees across Europe, Ricoh Document Governance Index, found that 82% of employees feel their way of working is out of date. Outdated working practices, and in 20% of cases the struggle to share information, were the main causes. Almost a quarter of employees say the efficiency of [...]

Don’t delay your internal document reviews, it could cost you more than you expect

According to the report, ‘A new perspective: Ricoh Document Governance Index’, most companies review their document processes once a year. But 56% are spending only a day or less doing so, and following review, the majority of businesses make no changes. This ‘light touch’ approach of spending just a day reviewing vital processes could have [...]

How to manage your businesses’ reputation with the right document targets

Most businesses set targets for costs, efficiency and performance, but few have document processes that support the changing business climate. External pressures on business brought by the big data explosion has led to a target driven climate, but without the correct processes for your business critical documents these targets are less likely to be achieved. [...]

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