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Article: Work smarter – save and share documents more efficiently

To help organisations and employees work smarter, boost productivity and efficiency, a document management system is often a good solution. By reducing the time they spend on routine administrative tasks, you create more time for employees to spend on high-value work.  Ineffective gathering and organisation of documents as they flow in and out of an [...]

Article: Three key trends that are changing the way we work and collaborate

The way we work is changing. Collaboration technologies are, in my view, more than just tools to allow us to cater for a mobile workforce, or to lower the costs of travel for our people. They are essential to enabling them to do their jobs effectively and efficiently – to share information and ideas with their colleagues, customers as [...]

Article: Are we entering an era of digital maturity?

According to recent research, many businesses believe that digital maturity could soon become an essential strategic asset, as well as a key driver to boost organisational appeal, reputation and long term profits. Digital maturity is where an organisation uses sophisticated tools to drive performance and demonstrates an on-going commitment to technology, technology-led initiatives and digitally [...]