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5 Key Reasons To Digitise Your Workplace Processes

The Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed 461 senior government executives in a recent report. Their responses are convincing- it's time to go digital. But why should your business make the change to new digital processes? You can download the full report, for free, below:    Save money  Many European governments are investing in online to substitute [...]

Does mobile technology put your businesses security at risk?

Embracing IT into your business presents threats, as well as opportunities. Computer malware is increasingly financially-motivated and less like the sabotage hacking of the past. Mobility can boost your business, but be aware that your perimeters also need to be protected. David Emm of Kaspersky Lab, had this insight into the growth of ransomware. “Mobile [...]

Mobile technology: A step-change for retail

Mobile technology is at the forefront of a new dynamic relationship between the customer and retail businesses. Why? Because tech delivered at the point of purchase saves time and money, with fewer stock incidents and more delight from customers at critical touch-points. 47% of shoppers report better experience when store associates consult devices, and 70% [...]

Case Study: UK retail embraces Omni-Channel sales approach

The days when customers could afford to spend weeks making retail decisions are over. In today’s digital world, those decisions increasingly happen online. With customers researching and comparing their purchases online instead of browsing in store, how can retailers and businesses better capitalise on this buying behaviour? Carpetright is pioneering the divide between in-store and [...]

How are retailers harnessing technology to drive sales?

One morning in central London, inside Fortnum & Mason, a group of high-level retail influencers came together to address a single question. How can retailers better harness technology in order to improve the customer experience? Marcel Borlin, Chief Technology Officer for Carpetright, spoke first to explain the issue that led to the retailer deciding to [...]

How can your employees work smarter in 2017?

The way we work is changing rapidly. When Ricoh conducted research across 2,000 European employees in January 2017, we found the vast majority of workers (91%) knew their ways of working would change in 2017. We asked employees to identify key areas of change, and the findings were revealing. Firstly, our findings showed that technology [...]

How connected are your business processes and the technology you use?

A study into European-wide business processes by Ricoh uncovered some interesting new trends. When reviewing business critical document processes, 78% of businesses review their processes every six months, but only 51% of businesses review the technology associated with this as frequently. Simply put, businesses don’t connect processes with the technology behind it often enough. Maintaining [...]

Are you spending too much on updating technology?

A surprising number of business leaders invest in technology before fully investigating its functionality. A report by Ricoh recently found that when asked how best to improve their business-critical document processes, over 40% of business leaders said they would invest in hardware first. In fact, these leaders would also recommend this as a first step [...]

Is there a divide between the back and front office in your business technology?

There is a growing gap in technology used between the front and back office, Ricoh Document Governance Index has found. Ricoh spoke to over 1000 business leaders across Europe, and found that investment in technology is focused on the front office client-facing activity, neglecting the needs of the back office, such as finance and marketing. [...]

Are cloud technologies helpful to your business?

Business leaders in Europe are divided over the validity of cloud technologies for business processes, a report by Ricoh has found (A new perspective: Ricoh Document Governance Index). Technological change is happening rapidly, and many business leaders felt under pressure to keep up with the pace of this. 78% of leaders invest in technology for [...]