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Consumers care about business ethics

No one cares about business ethics as long as they get the product they want, right? Wrong. 51% of UK consumers say they’re more likely to purchase goods from a business they consider to be ethically responsible. And to them a key aspect of responsibility is treating employees well – providing a positive, flexible working [...]

Article – What does the future of work look like?

The world of work is evolving rapidly. We can see it happening all around us. From the design of our office buildings and their smart, technology-enabled capabilities to the tools and processes we use to collaborate with others, and the devices we use to manage and share information, the way we work is changing. The convergence of areas such as social, mobile, cloud and [...]

Article – Generation Z is joining the workforce – is your organisation ready?

The demographic profile of our organisations is changing. Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials who have, up to now, made up the workforce are being joined by a fourth group: Generation Z. Generation Z refers to those who are born after 1995 and are starting to leave full-time education for the workplace. A diverse workforce can undoubtedly be a powerful asset, bringing together a wide [...]