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The Need For Speed – Why Agility Could Be Your Greatest Asset

Despite emerging technology and processes, reluctance to change outdated processes is still pervasive in some areas of the public sector and Government. Research suggests that 2/3 of government leaders agree that they need to change faster to adapt to changing business conditions. But there is a failure to appreciate the urgency that is necessary in [...]

The 3 pieces of tech set to transform your workplace by 2040

New technology is entering the workplace all the time. But how accurate are employees’ predictions on when tech will be available to them?  Augmented reality glasses within ten years 56% of employees have stated that they expect augmented reality glasses will be available to them within the next decade. Users will be able to see [...]

How to save your employees 42 days a year: Free insight report.

Ricoh’s latest research shows that modern employees want speed and flexibility. Without the right workplace technology, the results show we are wasting the equivalent of 42 days a year. Implementing the right technology in the right ways can get that time back for you and your employees. For the full insight report, simply download below. [...]

Are Younger Employees Better Suited To Working With New Technology?

Employees know that technology is a necessity in the modern workplace, not a choice. A recent report by Ricoh canvassed 3,500 employees across Europe and found that 70% of respondents believed younger generations are better prepared for adapting to new technologies. Why is this? Download our full report, for free, below. Adopt or fail Our [...]

The 2 Technologies Employees Want Most

The results of the study, ‘Empowering Digital Workplaces’ recently conducted by Ricoh are clear. 98% of employees are enthusiastic about new technology entering the workplace. Employees expect technology to improve their day-to-day working life. They want to work smarter to bring more value to their organisations. But which two pieces of technology could most empower [...]

The 5 biggest security threats to your SMB

As your business grows, the importance of protecting your data increases too. Work today means a mutli-platform, multi-location operation is normal. Your employees might be increasingly separated by time, distance and device. That’s why Ricoh wants to help you identify the 5 biggest single threats to your growing business interests. For the full report, download [...]

5 Things SMBs can do to reach Digital Maturity

Small and medium businesses believe they are poised to beat their larger competitors to the finish line of digital maturity. 79% believe that their company has an implementation advantage over larger businesses because they can optimise processes quickly. But what steps can SMBs take to ensure they are not left behind by the rapidly changing [...]

Why SMBs are set to beat Enterprise in reaching Digital Maturity

Are small and large businesses equally positioned to achieve digital maturity? Both sides view the integration of new technology and digital into their work processes as paramount. However, recent research by Ricoh shows that SMBs see the race to digital maturity as an opportunity to exceed their larger competitors. Faster Processes According to research, a [...]

2 Reasons Leadership is Vital to Transform Workplace Processes

Good leadership has never been more important than in the era of digital maturity. Today, transformations are necessary to ensure that processes are not rendered obsolete by ever-changing technology. Leaders make decisions With technological advancement will come new ways of working. Leaders must drive these new ways of working with good decision making. Analysing data, [...]

The 3 things leaders should know about the next big step to digital maturity

Recent research by Ricoh suggests 71% of business leaders believe their organisations will achieve digital maturity within five years. A further 77% of business leaders view digital maturity as a priority for their organisation. But what do business leaders need to know about the path to achieving, and maintaining this? The payoff 68% of leaders [...]