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3 ways to broaden your digital reach

Ricoh’s latest report into customer service across European brands, entitled ‘Triple R,’ uncovered new insights into how companies should broaden their digital reach. Reaching more individuals will ultimately result in more sales for your company. So how can you expand the influence of your brand today? The growing importance of reviews Whereas brands could traditionally [...]

How to become a Triple R company: 3 steps

Ricoh’s latest research for 2017 has revealed what really impresses consumers online, in 3 key stages: ‘Reach, Respond and Retain.’ We’re calling this the ‘Triple R’ of customer experience. Regardless of size, becoming a Triple R company is possible for all. Although top-rated brands in our full report are drawn from the 2016 Forbes Global [...]

Common mistakes brands make when responding to customers

Ricoh’s latest research, entitled ‘Triple R’ investigated the online experiences of 2,000 European respondents. We discovered that many brands respond well to customers, for example Pandora, Christian Dior and Adidas. However, others performed poorly and were left lagging behind. What are the common mistakes that brands make when interacting with customers, and how can you [...]

How to offer the best customer journey

Ricoh’s latest research, ‘Triple R’ measured customer journeys across a diverse range of European brands. We discovered that 52% of consumers would spend less, or fail to purchase altogether if a brand didn’t meet their expectations. Why is this? Globalisation and digitalisation have created a highly competitive marketplace. As e-commerce grew 14.2% last year in [...]

How can your employees work smarter in 2017?

The way we work is changing rapidly. When Ricoh conducted research across 2,000 European employees in January 2017, we found the vast majority of workers (91%) knew their ways of working would change in 2017. We asked employees to identify key areas of change, and the findings were revealing. Firstly, our findings showed that technology [...]

Which factors will shape your business the most in 2017?

Research by Ricoh across 2,000 European employees has shown that 2017 is expected to be a year of enormous change. The report entitled, ‘A World of Change' uncovered four major factors that will shape the economy of Europe and beyond. Growing confidence Despite the result of the EU referendum in June 2016, Ricoh’s research found [...]

Social collaboration tools in the workplace: friend or foe?

When it comes to collaboration, employees are more optimistic about social technologies than business leaders. Many businesses believe that they should ban these digital platforms altogether. Ricoh conducted research with 2,000 UK workers in December 2016, and we discovered that 44% of workers believe social technologies improve day to day collaboration. This disconnect is [...]