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5 Key Reasons To Digitise Your Workplace Processes

The Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed 461 senior government executives in a recent report. Their responses are convincing- it's time to go digital. But why should your business make the change to new digital processes? You can download the full report, for free, below:    Save money  Many European governments are investing in online to substitute [...]

Case study: Ricoh helps leading UK mortgage servicing business transform their operations and cut costs by 30%

Acenden, one of the UK’s leading mortgage servicing companies, relies on its ability to send and receive 100,000s of letters every year. But with demand increasing, its existing print and mail operation could not cope. By using a Ricoh Managed Document Service to outsource these operations, Acenden has transformed the way it communicates with customers, [...]

Case study: Ricoh IT Services partnership with Vodafone underpins customer service excellence

Vodafone’s reputation as a global communications provider relies on the quality and availability of its network. Vodafone needed an IT services supplier that had the expertise, experience and capability to support the network. With Ricoh IT Services, Vodafone has a partner who is helping to enhance brand image and deliver a trusted and value-driven service. [...]