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Why ‘mobile first’ should mean total business transformation

There’s no doubt that mobile has changed both our personal and work lives. The impact that smartphones have had on businesses has reached further than anyone could have predicted. And with 4G connectivity facilitating more mobile working across Europe, this trend is set to accelerate even further. This was highlighted in the recent iOS 9 [...]

Article: What all organisaitons can learn from retail banks

In today’s rapidly changing world where expectations are rising all the time, the need for agility has never been greater as business competes on its responsiveness to customer needs and changes in the marketplace. Nowhere is this more apparent than in retail banking – so what can leaders of all industries learn about banks and [...]

Article: 40 years on from the ‘Paperless Office’ (and three steps to a digital workplace)

‘The Paperless Office’ was a term featured in BusinessWeek magazine on June 30, 1975. Forty years later and the future of work is still a hot topic for business leaders but are we any nearer to the paperless office, and what steps are needed for organisations to realise a digital future? Reading the article and [...]

Reimaging the digital evolution of retail banking

The traditional bank branch has undergone a massive transformation over the past few years. Gone are the long queues of customers waiting patiently to conduct routine transactions such as paying bills, withdrawing cash and transferring money. Increasing automation and self-service banking within the branch, as well as the development of sophisticated telephone and online banking [...]

Article – Why flexibility is essential to establishing and delivering a changing workforce

Ricoh Europe, London, 23 February 2015 – We often hear how people are a company’s most important asset, but how well does your employer recognise your work-related needs and preferences? Today, Europe’s business leaders could be facing their broadest range of challenges yet. In addition to longstanding tasks such as ensuring customer retention, identifying new [...]

Article – Driving employee productivity and wellbeing in a future of everywhere ergonomic technology

It’s difficult to avoid advertisements or news stories about the amazing technological feats the modern ‘intelligent car’ can perform. One of the most impressive is that a vehicle can now ‘know’ its position on the road, sense when it may be veering into another lane and transmit a warning vibration through the seat to jolt [...]

Article – Financial services see greatest benefit in digital maturity

Ricoh Europe, London, 10 December 2014 – Financial services businesses of all sizes are the most likely across sectors* to recognise the importance of achieving digital maturity in relation to the financial success of their company. The insight comes from research conducted by Coleman Parkes, commissioned by Ricoh Europe, which looks at how small and large [...]

Article – Desk-based robots, holograms and implantable devices: how will your office evolve?

With the World Wide Web now 25 years old, it is almost impossible to comprehend how our working lives would be without the Internet, email or networked systems. In 1989, who could have imagined a device that could fit in your pocket and be used to access messages from colleagues, share and edit documents with [...]

Article – Putting sustainability at the heart of your organisation’s culture

A meaningful sustainability strategy with clearly defined goals and measurable outcomes should be a cornerstone of any organisation’s culture. Sustainability, which includes issues such as managing the impact on the environment and operating in an ethical and principled manner as well as putting in place a culture that engages and supports all internal and external stakeholders, can play a [...]

Article – Is your organisation’s workstyle driving productivity and engagement?

Increasing employee productivity and engagement should be among the main goals of any workstyle transformation programme. At its heart, workstyle transformation comprises three key components: the empowerment of employees to work, collaborate and share information in a manner that best suits them irrespective of location or device; the management of information in an accessible way [...]