Ricoh Workstyle is no longer active. You can keep up to date with the latest thinking from Ricoh UK on our new blog, Ricoh Insights.

The introduction of Generation Z into the workforce has made it critically important for senior management to understand how best to create a working environment that helps their entire workforce – including Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y – to share information, collaborate and to be ever more productive and positively engaged.

No forward-thinking organisation’s digital strategy can be considered truly fully formed unless it also encompasses the issue of workstyle innovation – principally the creation of a digitally-optimised environment that helps employees to work and collaborate effectively, irrespective of their role, location and the device they happen to be using.

The four pieces below offer a powerful insight into the key themes that help to define Ricoh’s perspective on workstyle innovation. Discover for yourself how workstyle innovation can help your organisation to empower its people.

Insight – The Future of Work (realising new ways of working for the future)
In an innovative research programme sponsored by Ricoh, the Economist Intelligence Unit identifies the key trends that will shape the world of work in the next 10 to 15 years. Read more.
Blog post – How would your organisation rate its readiness for a digital future?
The intense debate, analysis and the general excitement surrounding the digital workplace and its potential ramifications can at times obfuscate the practical challenges that really need to be understood about this critically important issue. So what are the real issues that senior management should be focusing its time and effort on addressing?  Read more.
Blog: What is the role of the IT department in enabling productivity and growth in the workplace?
What trends can IT uncover that have the potential for improving operations and giving a new view on the productivity of the company? How can we make information more accessible and easier to consume by senior management? By looking forward rather than backwards the IT department can become a prime contributor to the drive for growth through workstyle innovation. Read more.
Case study: JLL

Service innovation and a unique partnership with Ricoh has enabled JLL, one of the world’s largest real estate advisory organisations, to transform its workplace environment and business support services.

Various Ricoh managed services have delivered significant savings, but most importantly have enabled JLL to improve business operations, efficiency and productivity – benefits which JLL is passing on to its customers. Read the case study and watch the video.

Ricoh Workstyle is no longer active. You can keep up to date with the latest thinking from Ricoh UK on our new blog, Ricoh Insights.