Your millennial employees bring with them a whole new approach to the workplace. Ricoh has commissioned a study of 2,000 UK workers, and our findings show some fascinating trends in relation to younger workers and IT.  You already know that social media is ubiquitous, but your newest employees are more adept and embedded in this tech than older generations. Millennial workers are quicker to learn new workplace operations, and feel empowered about bringing their own devices to work. Video training, conferencing and online collaboration tools are adopted with ease, and should be readily used with your younger staff. For the full study findings download our report below.

Ricoh’s research demonstrates that younger workers don’t fear increasing mechanisation, with 67% saying they weren’t worried their job was at risk. However, only 52% felt their employer was doing enough to help them develop their digital skills. What can you learn from this? If younger staff are less fazed by digital technologies and online learning, then supplying more training or use of digital collaboration will increase job satisfaction for this generation. 

The good news is that most workers felt that their bosses understood the role technology plays in their well-being, so British companies are faring well in this regard. All you need to do now is implement the changes your workforce will thank you for.

To find out more, download the full report here: