There is no room for complacency about your digital strategy. When Ricoh surveyed 2,000 UK workers in 2016 we found a troubling disconnect between perceptions of technology at work, and the reality. While some businesses are slow to adopt new ways of working, we found that a third of workers would leave their current position for a company that offered better digital skills. This suggests that adopting new technology quickly will not only benefit your business in the long term, but could increase your worker retention in the short term. Download the survey report below for our full findings. 

Our report indicates that only 18% of employees rate their skills as ‘excellent,’ whereas 30% called themselves ‘average.’ These figures corresponded to the perception workers had of their employers, with only 15% saying the current use of tech by their company was ‘excellent.’ Businesses clearly still have a lot of work to do. The challenge lies with integrating perception with the reality, in that employers may believe they are investing in technology, but workers aren’t yet feeling the benefit. 

What’s the solution? Investing in the latest tech isn’t as important as investing in training your staff. More attention should be paid to the relevance and usability of technology, but also understanding the impact it has on the lives of your workforce. If your business is slow to adopt new technologies, the people most affected are your employees. 

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