Could UK businesses be unintentionally denying their employees the chance to share skills? Ricoh’s research in 2016 found workers have more confidence in technology than business leaders may be aware of. If your staff are confidently using communications technologies outside of the office, bringing them into the workspace could drive more collaboration. Are you too worried about trying to control productivity? Download the full findings. (Hyperlink to form) 

We recommend three strategies to help you drive digital innovation without compromising on productivity: 

  • Embrace collaboration technologies, whether these are business or social focused, don’t be afraid to bring new platforms into the workspace. 
  • Start a process to drive change now. Your employees want to see their leaders out in front of coming changes, or they won’t remain loyal in the long term. 
  • Build your strategy with your workers in mind. We can help you consult and maintain a constant focus on the needs of your employees, so they feel valued throughout the process. 

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