Research by Ricoh into the way businesses manage their processes has revealed interesting trends. As European business moves away from paper based, document heavy ways of working, Ricoh’s research, A new perspective: Ricoh Document Governance Index, shows that it’s often employees who better understand ways of updating these processes.

Although 93% of employers claimed to gather feedback from employees before implementing technology changes, there was an average 16% gap in employer and employee perspective, as many workers felt under-informed. Change management without the full support and understanding of staff can result in inefficiencies. 76% of employees said they received training whenever a new technology was introduced, which may seem positive, but it also suggests that almost a quarter of employees aren’t fully trained and may then mis-use software.

Another key finding showed that employees in Germany and France were least likely to be asked about their needs before important decisions were made, at 63 and 72 per cent respectively, yet the C-level / Directors Ricoh spoke to felt they consult employees in 90 and 98 per cent of cases. What does the gap suggest? That when managing change, improved productivity starts with employee understanding.

Read the full report ‘A new perspective: Ricoh Document Governance Index’.