Free Your Employees From ‘Presenteeism’?

A recent global study by Vodafone found that 75% of businesses worldwide have a form of tech-enabled working policy. In those businesses, eight out of ten reported improvements in productivity. This means that the UK cannot risk being left behind in the global move towards a more pragmatic working style.

The benefits of building a more flexible workforce are not just felt by business leaders, but also by those working at the forefront of business. Research suggests that tech-enabled working patterns can be more easily adopted by a younger workforce, and the UK Government has a role to play in this. If more workers knew about their rights to flexible working, then perhaps more businesses would feel prompted to adopt a method of operating that would not only prevent presenteeism, but would also increase productivity.

Find out what else the YouGov research revealed by downloading the full report Overhauling a culture of ‘Presenteeism’ at work.