At Ricoh, we know that the biggest and most innovative technology your business will ever possess are its people. Your staff bring invaluable digital dexterity to your business. In fact, as social media and collaboration tools develop and increasingly overlap with our existing working practises, your workers may know more about innovation than you expect. Read our Digital Dexterity Report to learn more – download below.

Ricoh collaborated with Censuswide, to undertake a study with the aim to understand how best to help your business grow in a shifting digital economy. We found that many businesses believe that investment in new technologies, or updating working models will somehow prevent them from missing a trend. Often business leaders believe that by spending on a bold new technology strategy, they will automatically keep up with the pace of change. But our research shows that without the proper skills training and empowerment, your latest technology spend could be rendered useless. What should you do instead?

It’s simple. Creating an office culture that encourages idea sharing and collaboration, is your new number one priority. Our research shows that 46% of businesses ban Facebook, without realising  this could prevent their employees communicating effectively. Some businesses choose to deny their workforce the digital dexterity that they crave. Don’t let that be yours.

You can download the full report, ‘Digital Dexterity: Denied’ here:

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