Although 2016 was the year of global change, it’s in 2017 that we can expect to see its impact on the way we work. Ricoh conducted research with 2,000 respondents from across Europe in January 2017. Our study found that 95% of employees believe the changing landscape will actually benefit their business in the coming months.

The research shows a majority of European workers expect their business to grow in 2017, and almost two-thirds believed the changes of 2016 had a positive impact on their business. This clearly suggests that employees aren’t dwelling on perceived drawbacks of recent events, and in fact shows that European workers are focusing on longer-term growth more than ever. We uncovered the cause of this optimism, and identified three trends.

Automation was favoured among the workforce. When asked to identify trends, 57% had a positive attitude towards increasing use of AI. Employees saw technology as a solution, not a threat. 44% pointed towards disruptive technology when asked to identify positive trends in the workplace. Similarly, European employees are up for a challenge. Competition has spurred business into creative and innovative thinking. Two-thirds of employees also identified trust in their bosses as one of the main reasons they expect to do well this year.

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