Adopt a Different Approach

‘Presenteeism’ is most notable among the younger generation where workers exaggerate the extent of their workloads, staying in the office well beyond contracted hours in a bid to look busy and get ahead. Recent research commissioned by Ricoh shows that this relates to roughly 67% (two-thirds) of young professionals in the UK. This type of culture is at odds with what most international workplaces seek to achieve.

Granting employees flexible working options can boost productivity. Recent research from the Centre for Economics and Business Research has found that flexible working could add £11.5 billion annually to the UK economy, and save workers £7.1 billion in commuting costs. In a digital age, there are fewer barriers than ever before to flexible or remote working. So why not optimise your work environment to better suit a young generation?

Legislation is also now in place to grant employees the right to ask for flexible hours after 26 weeks of working, so more of us could be taking the opportunity to shape our career around our lifestyles. But sadly some businesses have been slow to catch up.

The secret to success is innovation. In our digital era, we should embrace technology that facilitates remote working, and flexibility around different lifestyles. Educating workers on productivity, over ‘presenteeism,’ is crucial to foster further change.

Find out what else the YouGov research revealed by downloading the full report Overhauling a culture of ‘Presenteeism’ at work.