Ricoh’s recent research, ‘A World of Change’ engaged over 2,000 respondents across Europe to address the changing dynamics of the modern workplace. The sector analysis revealed some very interesting insights.

  • Workers in the financial services are keenly anticipating expected automation, with 62% of workers highlighting this as a benefit. Manufacturing and professional services were most optimistic about the potential for business growth this year, with 64% and 65% respectively feeling optimistic. One of the key drivers for this optimism is growing sector investment in tech, with 38% of manufacturing employees identifying digital investment as a core benefit to the changing nature of their industry. Download the full, free insight report below.
  • This wasn’t shared with healthcare and public services, who were markedly less optimistic (42%). Public sector workers instead identified improvements to company culture and staff development as the most important shift ahead. Healthcare professionals were concerned about lack of tech investment.

It’s clear that manufacturing and financial services are embracing change, but this isn’t shared across all industries. The sectors more readily adopting digital transformation are reaping the benefits, so don’t allow your business to be left behind.

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