Ricoh has uncovered that 95% of European workers feel positive about the potential for growth in 2017. Is this shared by employers? Economic and political upheaval have created uncertainty amongst business leaders, as new regulations and policy changes have growing implications for decision-makers. Interestingly, our research shows workers are already aware of this, and have some critical suggestions for their C-Level colleagues.

  1. Invest in tech

Workers have shown they are unafraid of increasing automation and technological transformation in the workplace. 60% of respondents felt that updating technology was crucial for managers, and automation ought to be an area of investment. Speeding up administration can save time and money.

  1. Promote new ways of working

Employees are aware of increasing workloads, and as such feel that productivity should come from increased collaboration. 64% believe that investing in the right tools will increase connectivity and enable more effective communication to take place. Employers should therefore seek to promote collaborative, mobile ways of working to support the shifting landscape.

  1. Communicate changes

Though workers implicitly trust leadership, with over two-thirds of respondents feeling confident about their employer’s ability to steer the business through changing circumstances, some areas of tension were revealed. 30% of employees felt that better communication of changes to working practises was needed, specifically in relation to business plans for the future.

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