How do you become an employer of choice? And more to the point, why should you become an employer of choice?

But before I answer both, let me set out the context in which I pose these questions. Technology is helping to eliminate various ‘factory’ processes – ie routine, repetitive manual tasks – from our back offices: many such repetitive and mechanical tasks have already disappeared and more will do so over time.

I believe that this evolution means that, in general, the value to the organisation of those employees remaining is greatly increased and likely to be more strategic than previously. Those people remaining are, in my view, the true thought workers, and some of whom may well end up running our companies in the years to come.

As the value of those remaining generally increases, and as more of us compete for their signatures at the bottom of contracts of employment, so it becomes essential for us to strive to be an employer of choice to increase the likelihood of our organisation securing that signature.

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