Presenteeism: A Brewing Culture

There is a brewing culture of ‘presenteeism’ amongst some workers in the UK, a report Ricoh is issuing has uncovered. This term used to refer to those who used work when sick, but the definition now includes a generation of young people who feel inclined to fake the extent of their workloads to get ahead. It seems as though being present for long hours at a desk is still seen as a way to secure career progression.

Young workers are feeling increasing economic strain, due to high levels of unemployment, job uncertainty and managerial pressure. The result is ‘presenteeism,’ or a desire to work long hours. When polled, YouGov research revealed half of 18-26 year olds believe bosses favour those who work beyond their contracted hours. So how can we free our employees from this illogical conclusion?

Find out what else the YouGov research revealed by downloading the full report Overhauling a culture of ‘Presenteeism’ at work.