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[Opinion piece by Ricoh UK and Ireland CEO – Phil Keoghan]

The changing world of work is happening all around us today. It affects all organisations, large and small, and irrespective of whether they operate in the private or the public sector. The issues defining it have tangible, practical consequences that can affect productivity and the bottom line.

mobile workforceToday’s workplace is being reshaped in large part by the cumulative effects of issues such as the rapidly changing working practices and information needs of our workforce – the way our people want to do their jobs to suit their more mobile, digitally connected lifestyles, and the way that senior management is constantly seeking to identify and introduce ever more cost-efficient, flexible and scalable business processes. Processes that are underpinned by a genuine, organisation-wide commitment to ever greater levels of customer responsiveness, the highest standards of information security, as well as to doing business in an ethical and sustainable way.

The challenge facing us as chief executives and senior managers to adapt to this new way of working is immense.

Some forward-thinking, innovative organisations have already begun to address this crucially important change, and they are already reaping the many operational and practical benefits of their approach.

For some others, the size of the undertaking may seem daunting. Finding a meaningful way to address questions such as what to do, where to start and how to prioritise in order to respond to this new world may be potentially off putting.

And perhaps there are a few who may be tempted to think that the changing world of work does not apply to them – and that business, as it was done in the recent past, should continue to be “business as usual” for the present and the future.

Office collaborationIn my view, this is not a sustainable strategy. We need to explore and examine our changing world of work to understand its long-term implications. Above all, we need to evolve our own vision as leaders to inspire and empower our people to embrace the opportunities for growth that this fast-paced evolution offers.

I believe The World of Work Reimagined can be best summarised as being our goal at Ricoh to describe how all of us can evolve our current way of working to increase our value to our colleagues and to our customers.

 Welcome to your World of Work Reimagined


Ricoh Workstyle is no longer active. You can keep up to date with the latest thinking from Ricoh UK on our new blog, Ricoh Insights.