As the workplace changes, a new type of worker is being created. Is this new class of intelligent digital workers the future of employment? How the iWorker is now the most desired type of employee, and how to empower them in your workplace:


 What is an iWorker?

 iWorkers, or ‘intelligent workers’, are a new form of employee. They are reliable, skilled workers who perform their roles with agility and accuracy. Skilled, digitally literate and highly mobile, this type of worker is set to dominate the changing workplace.

 Business leaders predict a steep rise in ‘iWorkers’ in coming years. Research shows only 4% of leaders would class over half of their employees as iWorkers. But that looks set to change. 37% claim that over half of their employees will be iWorkers by 2018.


 How to empower more future-skilled employees in your workplace:

 The first steps are to optimise your technology, processes and organisational culture. Your business needs to promote access to data, and information sharing between employees. Only with effective technology and processes will this be possible.

 71% of leaders think an inability access documents on mobile devices is holding them back. Up to date mobile technology will enable easy information access and sharing. 62% of leaders say that information silos inhibit the information sharing in their business. Intelligent workers need access to the greatest possible amount of information.

 Once your employees can share their work and data, they will become more agile and skilled in coping with a transformed workplace.

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Find out how to fill your workplace with iWorkers. Download the full infographic below:

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