European businesses are having to adapt to a changing work environment, and improving critical document processes is a vital part of staying competitive. Ricoh’s recent research, A new perspective: Ricoh Document Governance Index, shows employees are not as involved as they’d like to be when new ways of working are introduced.

When asked what single thing senior managers could do to improve their business processes, 29% of employees identified more regular reviews as the single thing that would have the greatest impact.

Also, the second highest response was for the same senior managers to then champion these improvements. This suggests that the most important thing board members must do is to review processes, but also understand and explain the changes they wish to see. A small number of employees, just 9%, said that the existing technology would positively impact processes, but even fewer said investing in new technology (4%) would improve processes. This clearly shows employees are more focused on leadership than technology.

Senior managers would be well placed to know this, and take a greater hand in the working practises of those they are leading.

See the full report findings here.