Information is crucial to growth. The ability to create an environment in which the workforce can access, share and use information on any device, whenever required, and from any location is an essential to harness the power of workstyle innovation to deliver sustainable productivity.

Moreover, true information management is also about an organisation’s ability to convert data, insights and the ideas of its people into products, services and activities that deliver value.

In this section, you will find industry research, insights and views from Ricoh’s leading subject matter experts, along with case studies and articles that identify and address the current and emerging issues relating to managing information effectively.

security solutions guide

The Guide to Digital Workplace Security (Part Two)

This month, Ricoh is focusing in on workplace security and data management. This guide is part of a two-part series ...
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The Guide to Digital Workplace Security (Part One)

This month, Ricoh is focusing in on workplace security and data management. This guide is part of a two-part series ...
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The 3 things customers look for when interacting with brands

The 3 things customers look for when they interact with brands online

Caring for your customers on an individual level can be challenging in an age of digital engagement. Ricoh’s recent research ...
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What do PayPal, Yamaha Motor and Amazon have in common?

What do PayPal, Yamaha Motor and Amazon have in common?

70% of European consumers feel that the best brands treat them as individuals. Ricoh’s recent research from a survey of ...
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Delight your customers with Ricoh’s Triple R approach

How to delight your customer in a digital-first world

What does success look like from the perspective of a customer buying from your brand online?  Ricoh’s recent research covered ...
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What’s the future outlook for Europe’s business leaders

Solving the puzzle – what’s the future outlook for Europe’s business leaders?

European business leaders are under constant pressure to keep up with the pace of global change, with businesses managing ever-mounting ...
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The real reason 82% of employees think their current ways of working are ineffective

A study by Ricoh into business leaders and employees across Europe, Ricoh Document Governance Index, found that 82% of employees ...
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Don’t delay your internal document process reviews; it may be costly

Don’t delay your internal document reviews, it could cost you more than you expect

According to the report, ‘A new perspective: Ricoh Document Governance Index’, most companies review their document processes once a year ...
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Managing your businesses’ reputation with smart document management

How to manage your businesses’ reputation with the right document targets

Most businesses set targets for costs, efficiency and performance, but few have document processes that support the changing business climate ...
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Why a document management process strategy is important to business

Are businesses forgetting something? The importance of a document process management strategy

Businesses across Europe may be failing to implement strategies that could simplify the way they cope with a changing digital ...
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What’s the real impact of increasing data volumes on business

The real impact of increasing data volumes on business

Businesses in Europe are grappling with a data explosion, but what is the impact of this on processes efficiency? The ...
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The 3 main barriers every business faces when improving document processes

The 3 main barriers every business faces when improving document processes

Only 22% of European businesses have automated document processes, a study by Ricoh has revealed. That the majority of European ...
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What is the real cost of paper based document processes to your business

What is the real cost of paper based document processes to your business?

The real cost of traditional document processes is far more than just paper. European businesses spend an average of €147 ...
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Below are some of the best practices that bring the organisational and human behaviour components of change together

Managing change in business critial document processes

Transforming business critical document processes is vital to increasing worker productivity and ultimately meeting top corporate goals: financial targets, innovation ...
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Paper trails: how will organisations realise a fully digital future?

Article: 40 years on from the ‘Paperless Office’ (and three steps to a digital workplace)

‘The Paperless Office’ was a term featured in BusinessWeek magazine on June 30, 1975. Forty years later and the future ...
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Reimaging the digital evolution of retail banking

The traditional bank branch has undergone a massive transformation over the past few years. Gone are the long queues of ...
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You can read the full report at the bottom of the article.

Article – Financial services see greatest benefit in digital maturity

Ricoh Europe, London, 10 December 2014 – Financial services businesses of all sizes are the most likely across sectors* to recognise ...
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A digital document management system could be crucial for your business.

Article – Should you invest in a digital document management system?

Investing in a digital document management system may not be a topic that automatically tops the list of priorities of ...
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Productivity and engagement should be the words on the lips of any business owner.

Article – Is your organisation’s workstyle driving productivity and engagement?

Increasing employee productivity and engagement should be among the main goals of any workstyle transformation programme. At its heart, workstyle ...
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You could be paying the price for your company's workstyle without knowing it.

Article – When should a company transform its workstyle?

If your organisation isn’t even planning to transform its workstyle, it should start the process without delay, because if you ...
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Going digital: but how do you achieve it?

Article – Three must-read insights into digital workplace transformation

Creating the best working environment for employees is one of management’s perennial priorities. And rightly so. How effectively people can ...
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Article – From print to digital: How to transform analogue communications and infrastructure to enhance operations [Webinar]

Traditional print and mail room operations are at the heart of every organisation’s inbound and outbound communications infrastructure. Measuring the ...
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The speed of change: keep up or get left behind.

Article – 3 essential reads about The Future of Work

In a new white paper entitled Automated, creative, & dispersed – The Future of Work in the 21st century, compiled ...
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Generation Z are coming to work: and you've got be prepared.

Article – Generation Z and the 4G workplace: How to enhance collaboration and productivity among all employees [Webinar]

The emergence of Generation Z – those born after 1995 who are starting to leave full-time education for the world of work – ...
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The workplace is evolving rapidly.

Article – Discover 3 key trends set to impact The Future of Work

In our recent study with the Economist Intelligence Unit, ‘The Future of Work’, we asked senior academics and business leaders ...
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These case studies, blogs and videos will help you along the way.

Article – Four essential reads to help you deliver growth through workstyle innovation

The introduction of Generation Z into the workforce has made it critically important for senior management to understand how best ...
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Going Paperless: and becoming a truly modern workplace at the same time.

Article – Why you should make an effective digital document management system a priority for your organisation

Despite the growing recognition that a digital document management system should be an integral part of an organisation’s information management ...
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Business service transformation- Ricoh's managed print service saved Nationwide money and reduced their carbon emissions

Case study: Nationwide building society partners with Ricoh to deliver business service transformation

One of the key business services at Nationwide, the world’s largest building society, is managing print for around 700 high ...
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A modern workplace

Report: Why digitised data is key to improving business decision making for the #CIO

As organisations across the UK continue to collate, manage and harness their growing volumes of hard copy information, the Big ...
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Article: Work smarter – save and share documents more efficiently

To help organisations and employees work smarter, boost productivity and efficiency, a document management system is often a good solution ...
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Working and collaborating are set to change forever

Article: Three key trends that are changing the way we work and collaborate

The way we work is changing. Collaboration technologies are, in my view, more than just tools to allow us to ...
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Digitally mature businesses must continually evolve to remain relevant.

Article: Are we entering an era of digital maturity?

According to recent research, many businesses believe that digital maturity could soon become an essential strategic asset, as well as ...
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