Caring for your customers on an individual level can be challenging in an age of digital engagement. Ricoh’s recent research covering 3,600 respondents across 23 countries, revealed the ‘Triple R’ that consumers value most when they interact with brands. For the full infographic, download below.

  1. Reach

From the start of the buying journey, brands that build personal relationships with consumers are most likely to reap the rewards. 57% of respondents would spend more money with a brand that used personalised messaging from the outset.

  1. Respond

Don’t overuse consumer information during the sale. 89% of respondents would drop out if the communication felt ‘intrusive.’ You want your prospects to feel that they matter but also to avoid overloading them with information.

  1. Retain

For lasting relationships with customers it’s all about after-sales retention. 50% of respondents felt that brands only focused on their needs prior to purchase. 70% would prefer more attention during or after purchase, rather than before.

Chas Moloney, director at Ricoh UK & Ireland, said:

Consumers see Triple R brands as being at the top of their game when it comes to providing a fast and tailored service. This makes the need for optimised internal processes and the right technology essential to giving customers what they want.”

Find out how to develop lasting relationships with your consumers, so you can enjoy repeat purchases and long-term customer loyalty. Download the full infographic below:

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