According to recent research, many businesses believe that digital maturity could soon become an essential strategic asset, as well as a key driver to boost organisational appeal, reputation and long term profits.

Digital maturity is where an organisation uses sophisticated tools to drive performance and demonstrates an on-going commitment to technology, technology-led initiatives and digitally managed processes.

The research from Coleman Parkes, commissioned by Ricoh, highlighted:

  • 71 per cent of businesses expect to reach digital maturity by 2019.
  • 73% of business leaders believe that achieving digital maturity will directly lead to an increase in profits
  • 62 % of business leaders say it would increase their organisation’s appeal to potential investors and new owners

With technology constantly evolving, digitally mature businesses must work to maintain their status. Central to achieving this is the need to: regularly review processes, integrate new technologies, and enhance ways of working.

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