What does success look like from the perspective of a customer buying from your brand online?  Ricoh’s recent research covered 3,600 respondents from 23 countries and found that the customer journey has three distinct stages, which we’re calling ‘Triple R.’

  1. Reach: the ability for a brand to encourage engagement from a consumer.
  2. Respond: the likelihood for a customer to buy a product or service for the first time.
  3. Retain: an aftersales experience that inspires loyalty and repeat purchase.

At each stage of the buyer journey, we uncovered how great brands build meaningful digital relationships with customers.

  • Make the customer feel personally valued

70% of customers feel the best brands pay close attention to their needs by personalising communications, and 57% of customers would consequently spend more money with these trusted brands.

  • Be transparent in your communication

Customers value honesty more than discounts and offers. Dropout rates for intrusive brands were high – 61% of respondents believed brands that were more transparent about use of customer data were trustworthy.

  • Pay attention to every interaction in the buying process

Customers place value on the quality of interactions, and they do so at every stage of the journey. Poor dealings led to dropouts, with 47% of customers saying they would stop buying at any stage if an interaction didn’t meet their expectations.

How can you become an expert of digital engagement with your customer? Pay attention to the detail. Across the survey the clear message from respondents is that a bad user journey is a deal-breaker. To view the full infographic, download below:

Download our Triple R infographic

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