This month, Ricoh is focusing in on workplace security and data management. This guide is part of a two-part series to help you identify the key stages of securing your business against increasing cyber threats. You can read part one here and download our full insight report below:

  • How to delete what you don’t need

One of the main areas that businesses forget to protect themselves is with safely disposing of unwanted data. With changing government regulation, businesses are now expected to evidence a comprehensive process for end-of-life documents. Failing to take care can result in theft, misuse or fines. Ricoh has offered a Data Overwrite Security System (DOSS) for 20 years, to protect against malicious access. This, and our Full Cleansing Service from our IT Services department guarantees a complete control over your data environment.

  • When to ask for support

As your business grows, you need strategies that ensure the risk doesn’t grow too. Being aware of the weak points in your system means asking for help from an expert. Our IT support services have offered help, incident response and long-term security for our clients.

To find out more, download the report below: