European business leaders are under constant pressure to keep up with the pace of global change, with businesses managing ever-mounting volumes of data. A recent study by Ricoh revealed that almost 40% of business leaders think they will cease to be competitive if they don’t invest in new technology.

But investment in technology may not improve business processes, in fact it can make things worse. So what can be done to tackle the pressure of increasing amounts of data on outdated business processes?

  • When investing in new technology, connect the processes more seamlessly with employees, by championing the change yourself, and taking the time to train staff adequately.
  • When updating processes, consult experts and don’t work in isolation. Reviewing a process with an external partner and internal employees will result in better quality changes for your business.
  • Take employees along the journey with you, by listening carefully to requests, and consulting employees for their opinions. Change management will be far better with their consent, and will achieve more with their understanding.
  • Finally, maintain a constant process of improvement and review of business processes, and be prepared to adapt problems when they are identified.

Find out more by reading the full report, Ricoh Document Governance Index.