A study by Ricoh into business leaders and employees across Europe, Ricoh Document Governance Index, found that 82% of employees feel their way of working is out of date. Outdated working practices, and in 20% of cases the struggle to share information, were the main causes.

Almost a quarter of employees say the efficiency of their document processes is worsening, and a similar proportion felt that information security has declined since 2009.

Business leaders are in agreement, with 78% admitting that although they invest in new technology for business processes, they are unsure if it actually improves their systems.

A similar amount felt that back-end, or legacy systems prevented new technology being effective. Despite the agreement between leaders and employees about the importance of processes, the board-level respondents and employees disagreed about the level of consultation and training when introducing change.

What’s the solution to making your business more effective? Review, consult and train before implementing changes, and think carefully before investing in technologies your employees may not need.

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