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To help organisations and employees work smarter, boost productivity and efficiency, a document management system is often a good solution. By reducing the time they spend on routine administrative tasks, you create more time for employees to spend on high-value work. 

Ineffective gathering and organisation of documents as they flow in and out of an organisation can create issues and hinder productivity, especially, as there are now so many document types and staff are more mobile. How documents are processed, stored, and delivered back to the customer or key decision maker is another matter. That’s where well-structured document management software helps organisations save a lot of time and effort.

What to look for in a document management system:

  1. Better Collaboration: When documents are stored on private document archives rather than centrally, it makes storing and sharing information much more difficult and time consuming. If the document repository is centrally located, not only does it improve file structure consistently, it also facilitates teamwork through the easy sharing of documents.
  2. Easy access: The ability to quickly search and retrieve old documents is invaluable. You can waste hours looking for an old invoice. With digital document management, you have instant access to that invoice.
  3. Creating new documents: Many documents could be created more quickly by using existing documents as a starting point. Having instant access to those earlier documents is a great way to boost efficiency in this area.
  4. Better document workflows: keeping things organised is critical for success. Effective document management systems help businesses achieve efficiency and productivity.
  5. Managing contracts and offers: A document management system allows you to create automated reminders regarding status and renewal of contracts, streamlining a variety of complex tasks.
  6. Added Security: where is the safest place to store sensitive documents? A centralised location is far more secure than private storage. With a single point of entry makes it easier to manage and control access to the location. It gives businesses the option to track who is viewing and editing each document, and designate which employees have access to which files. With a decentralised approach, it makes it impossible to ensure all records are retained and accessed when needed.
  7. Better Compliance – With all your critical files located in one central location, document management systems help businesses achieve compliance with regulations and internal policies through document-retention policy, audit tracking, and reporting and user-access.

Ricoh Workstyle is no longer active. You can keep up to date with the latest thinking from Ricoh UK on our new blog, Ricoh Insights.

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