Issues such as an increasingly mobile and remotely-based workforce, the growing consumerisation of workplace technologies and near ubiquitous web-enabled connectivity, as well as the widespread adoption of cloud-based IT systems are transforming how employees work, collaborate and share knowledge.

In addition, the volume and velocity of information in every organisation is growing exponentially, adding more complexity, cost

and effort to derive meaningful insights to support office based, as well as a mobile and remotely-located workforce.

In this section, you will find industry research, insights and views from Ricoh’s leading subject matter experts, along with case studies are articles that identify and address the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Digitise workplace processes Ricoh UK

5 Key Reasons To Digitise Your Workplace Processes

The Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed 461 senior government executives in a recent report. Their responses are convincing- it's time to ...
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Does Mobile technology put your business at risk?

Does mobile technology put your businesses security at risk?

Embracing IT into your business presents threats, as well as opportunities. Computer malware is increasingly financially-motivated and less like the ...
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Mobile technology: A step-change for retail

Mobile technology: A step-change for retail

Mobile technology is at the forefront of a new dynamic relationship between the customer and retail businesses. Why? Because tech ...
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UK retail embraces Omni-Channel sales approach

Case Study: UK retail embraces Omni-Channel sales approach

The days when customers could afford to spend weeks making retail decisions are over. In today’s digital world, those decisions ...
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How are retailers harnessing technology to drive sales?

One morning in central London, inside Fortnum & Mason, a group of high-level retail influencers came together to address a ...
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The three ways European business will evolve in 2017

How can your employees work smarter in 2017?

The way we work is changing rapidly. When Ricoh conducted research across 2,000 European employees in January 2017, we found ...
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How connected are your business processes and the tech you use

How connected are your business processes and the technology you use?

A study into European-wide business processes by Ricoh uncovered some interesting new trends. When reviewing business critical document processes, 78% ...
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Are you spending too much updating your business technology

Are you spending too much on updating technology?

A surprising number of business leaders invest in technology before fully investigating its functionality. A report by Ricoh recently found ...
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The divide between back and front of office business technology

Is there a divide between the back and front office in your business technology?

There is a growing gap in technology used between the front and back office, Ricoh Document Governance Index has found ...
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Are cloud technologies really helping to your business grow

Are cloud technologies helpful to your business?

Business leaders in Europe are divided over the validity of cloud technologies for business processes, a report by Ricoh has ...
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Going mobile: and the workplace should too

Why ‘mobile first’ should mean total business transformation

There’s no doubt that mobile has changed both our personal and work lives. The impact that smartphones have had on ...
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Find out how the interactive whiteboard is helping Virgin Money’s IT department to improve its incident management

Pen and paper ways of working may have been the traditional choice for us but new technologies have opened up ...
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Read on to discover how you could transform your organisation with Ricoh.

Article: What all organisaitons can learn from retail banks

In today’s rapidly changing world where expectations are rising all the time, the need for agility has never been greater ...
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Reimaging the digital evolution of retail banking

The traditional bank branch has undergone a massive transformation over the past few years. Gone are the long queues of ...
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Will desk-based robots become part of the office furniture?

Article – Desk-based robots, holograms and implantable devices: how will your office evolve?

With the World Wide Web now 25 years old, it is almost impossible to comprehend how our working lives would ...
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A digital document management system could be crucial for your business.

Article – Should you invest in a digital document management system?

Investing in a digital document management system may not be a topic that automatically tops the list of priorities of ...
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Productivity and engagement should be the words on the lips of any business owner.

Article – Is your organisation’s workstyle driving productivity and engagement?

Increasing employee productivity and engagement should be among the main goals of any workstyle transformation programme. At its heart, workstyle ...
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You could be paying the price for your company's workstyle without knowing it.

Article – When should a company transform its workstyle?

If your organisation isn’t even planning to transform its workstyle, it should start the process without delay, because if you ...
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Going digital: but how do you achieve it?

Article – Three must-read insights into digital workplace transformation

Creating the best working environment for employees is one of management’s perennial priorities. And rightly so. How effectively people can ...
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The speed of change: keep up or get left behind.

Article – 3 essential reads about The Future of Work

In a new white paper entitled Automated, creative, & dispersed – The Future of Work in the 21st century, compiled ...
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Generation Z are coming to work: and you've got be prepared.

Article – Generation Z and the 4G workplace: How to enhance collaboration and productivity among all employees [Webinar]

The emergence of Generation Z – those born after 1995 who are starting to leave full-time education for the world of work – ...
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The workplace is evolving rapidly.

Article – Discover 3 key trends set to impact The Future of Work

In our recent study with the Economist Intelligence Unit, ‘The Future of Work’, we asked senior academics and business leaders ...
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These case studies, blogs and videos will help you along the way.

Article – Four essential reads to help you deliver growth through workstyle innovation

The introduction of Generation Z into the workforce has made it critically important for senior management to understand how best ...
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Article: How would your organisation rate its readiness for a digital future?

The intense debate, analysis and the general excitement surrounding the digital workplace and its potential ramifications can at times obfuscate ...
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First class IT support- just one of the reasons why Specsavers can clearly see the benefits of working with Ricoh

Case study: Specsavers uses Ricoh IT Services to deliver first-class IT support to retail stores and achieve savings of 25% year-on-year

Specsavers, the UK’s leading retail opticians, has once again extended its 12-year partnership with Ricoh IT Services (ITS) because of ...
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Digital strategies- sometimes going fast will only set you on a rocky road to failure

Article: Is your organisation’s digital strategy fit for purpose?

When senior leaders talk about transforming their business they often describe the answer as needing a digital strategy. To them ...
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Technology disruption in business

Report: Agent of change – the future of technology disruption in business

Business leaders are expecting wrenching change to their industry sectors in the future due to the impacts of technology, according ...
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Vodafone case study

Case study: Ricoh IT Services partnership with Vodafone underpins customer service excellence

Vodafone’s reputation as a global communications provider relies on the quality and availability of its network. Vodafone needed an IT ...
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Scroll down to download the full Ricoh x Carpetright case study

Case study: Ricoh helps Carpetright cut IT costs by 50%, improve store productivity, deploy mobile technology to drive smarter working

A Ricoh break-fix support service for Carpetright stores has seen the business reduce IT costs by up to 50% while ...
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Driving change- by 2016, the total number of pages printed from mobile smart devices is expected to increase at a year-on-year rate of 12%

Article: Why IT managers should learn to love mobile printing and BYOD

Within the office and business environment, consumer devices are rapidly entering the IT domain. Users are bringing their own smart ...
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Is your businesses adhering to the key principles outlined in this article?

Article: Common MFP software licensing pitfalls IT managers must avoid

Software licences and maintenance comprise 20 per cent of IT budgets as a general rule, yet the management of licences ...
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Article: What is the role of the IT department in enabling productivity and growth in the workplace?

IT Departments have historically been running the basic infrastructure plumbing and keeping the lights working. Understandably, emails have to work, ...
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Article: How IT and business strategy are finally achieving alignment

Way back in the distant past I recall the way to sell technology and services was a two-pronged affair. You ...
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Video: How is the world of work changing

How we work is changing. The evolving demographic profile of the workforce, the ever-increasing expectations we have from our places ...
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Step up: it's the CIO who must lead this change

Article: IT’s time for the CIO to step up and lead the digital transformation of the workplace

The digital transformation of the workplace is one of those concepts that can both excite and frustrate senior management in equal ...
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