The way we work is changing rapidly. When Ricoh conducted research across 2,000 European employees in January 2017, we found the vast majority of workers (91%) knew their ways of working would change in 2017. We asked employees to identify key areas of change, and the findings were revealing.

Firstly, our findings showed that technology would play an ever-increasing role in the way we work. Employees are expecting to work smarter, using technology to produce work more efficiently. 42% of workers thought that technology would be the single biggest factor impacting change in the workplace. What does this mean for managers? Providing effective mobile technology is a top priority. Secondly, more collaboration was expected. With almost half (45%) expecting workloads to increase in 2017, employees understand that expansion will add volume and diversity to their existing roles. Managers should be aware that collaboration will play a vital role in maintaining quality. The third change expected from our respondents was flexible working hours. Changes in working habits and the adoption of mobile working will be necessary to foster organisational success.

Employees are ready for the changing workplace ahead, Ricoh’s research shows optimism abounds. Capitalise on this and see your business grow in 2017.

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