The days when customers could afford to spend weeks making retail decisions are over. In today’s digital world, those decisions increasingly happen online. With customers researching and comparing their purchases online instead of browsing in store, how can retailers and businesses better capitalise on this buying behaviour?

Carpetright is pioneering the divide between in-store and online patterns of buying. Their use of technology in-store has driven up to 100% more traffic to online sales, with a visualiser function allowing customers to upload and manipulate pictures of their own homes.  “We want to give a delightful experience in stores. We are going to go forward with technology at pace. The future belongs to people that can go fast.” Marcel Borlin, Chief Technology Officer for Carpetright.

He explains, “We talk about omni-channel; there are lots of ways of shopping and we must enable all of them, giving customers the choice of how they buy as well as what they buy.” The result is a more joined-up and personalised experience that benefits the customer and business alike.

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