A study into European-wide business processes by Ricoh uncovered some interesting new trends. When reviewing business critical document processes, 78% of businesses review their processes every six months, but only 51% of businesses review the technology associated with this as frequently.

Simply put, businesses don’t connect processes with the technology behind it often enough. Maintaining the latest technology is vital, but technology alone cannot keep your business competitive. The processes that help information flow through the business are vital for identifying both problems and solutions.

The key to solving the gap between process and technology within business is regular reviews of both, across all industries. Financial services, for example, review business processes every six months in 93% of cases, but look at technology as frequently in only 69% of cases.

An even, truly reflective review must encompass both aspects of business, if it is to truly reveal bottlenecks and suggest areas for improvements every time.

To find out more read the report by downloading ‘A new perspective: Ricoh Document Governance’.