How we work is changing. The evolving demographic profile of the workforce, the ever-increasing expectations we have from our places of work as well as new technologies and tools available to us are reshaping how we collaborate, share information and ultimately do our jobs.

How well we adapt to the long-term implications of these trends is likely to play a crucial role in the future success of our organisations.

The goal of senior management should be to understand the short and long-term implications of the issues that are at the heart of the digital transformation of the world of work.

Growth through Workstyle Innovation sets out Ricoh’s vision for how an organisation can create a working environment that enhances productivity and creativity.

Ricoh has brought together industry research, insights and views from its leading subject matter experts, along with the best of its client case studies to identify and address the opportunities and challenges ahead.

In the three themes: Changing Workforce, Information Management, and IT Infrastructure, Ricoh explores the key components of how to achieve Growth through Workstyle Innovation.