Embracing IT into your business presents threats, as well as opportunities. Computer malware is increasingly financially-motivated and less like the sabotage hacking of the past. Mobility can boost your business, but be aware that your perimeters also need to be protected.

David Emm of Kaspersky Lab, had this insight into the growth of ransomware. “Mobile devices become an extension of the organisation’s back-end systems. Mobility brings massive benefits but it adds another way we can be touched in an organisation.” Ransomware encrypts your data and demands payment to unscramble it. Kapersky has seen 63 new Ransomware families in the last 12 months, and it’s growing because it works.

Another issue is ‘stepping stone attacks,’ where hackers target bigger companies by picking on a single weak link in its supply chain. With these threats abiding, businesses should be aware that mobile devices need protection. Keeping up to date with security updates is important, but changing your company culture to increase awareness can have a more powerful long-term effect. Don’t fall behind with the security protecting your business. Find out more in our full case study below.

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