The results of the study, ‘Empowering Digital Workplaces’ recently conducted by Ricoh are clear. 98% of employees are enthusiastic about new technology entering the workplace. Employees expect technology to improve their day-to-day working life. They want to work smarter to bring more value to their organisations. But which two pieces of technology could most empower your workforce?

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  1. Artificial Intelligence

52% of employees believe that AI will have the most impact on their work in the future, providing better access to data to enable faster, more informed decisions. They also want to become more productive by reducing the amount of time spent on time-wasting tasks. Interestingly, 37% of respondents picked going to meetings as the biggest time wasting factor they face in a day of work. Could AI be the answer to better business decisions?

AI will enable smarter working and cut down the amount of time spent on menial tasks. The latest in collaborative technology, such as interactive whiteboards with IBM’s Watson intelligence, could make AI an active participant in meetings. They provide employees with real time analytics allowing faster decisions and shorter meetings.

  1.    Automation

If AI could be the answer to better decisions in meetings, then automation could make repetitive tasks a thing of the past. 65% of employees believe that automation will most improve their work experience. Employees want to automate mundane, repetitive tasks such as email. 41% of employees identified this as the task that wastes most of their time in a work day.

In 2013, Joshua Browder’s Do Not Pay automated the advanced process of appealing parking fines. This famous example enabled motorists to claim back unfair parking fines, and has attracted over 175,000 successful users. What can we learn from this? The potential for automating a variety of repetitive, mundane workplaces processes is clear. Employees will no longer have to waste time manually sending and receiving files. Automation leads to digital empowerment. Download the report for free below.

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