Ricoh’s latest report into customer service across European brands, entitled ‘Triple R,’ uncovered new insights into how companies should broaden their digital reach. Reaching more individuals will ultimately result in more sales for your company. So how can you expand the influence of your brand today?

  • The growing importance of reviews

Whereas brands could traditionally interact directly with customers, today most shoppers head first to a third-party reviewer, customer ratings site or discount website. Across Europe, the companies engaging most with these sites are automotive manufacturers such as BMW. Are you interacting with reviewers and third party sites to attract more customers?

  • Make your information readily available

Making your information readily available means that the good news can spread. Our research showed that 33% of customers voted that third-party reviews with a key factor in their decision making, and 58% trusted friends and family based word of mouth. Successful brands don’t leave this to chance, they ensure information is available wherever customers may seek it out.

  • Personalise wherever you can

Today consumers seek out information rather than passively waiting for companies to reach them as before. So your approach to targeting is more vital than ever. Consumers value personalisation, so where possible make it easy to customise, adapt or tailor your business to the changing needs of the customer.

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