Despite emerging technology and processes, reluctance to change outdated processes is still pervasive in some areas of the public sector and Government. Research suggests that 2/3 of government leaders agree that they need to change faster to adapt to changing business conditions.

But there is a failure to appreciate the urgency that is necessary in the modern age.


 Too slow to adapt?

The European commission believes 50% of citizens will interface with the government online in the next three years.

They expect that 80% of businesses will do the same.

All people expect more and more digital resources to the available to them.  Consumers with a choice between organisations will always pick the digital option.


 Don’t fall into the same trap

 Ricoh found that only 27% of government leaders feel significant or extreme pressure to adapt to the rapid change required. This is perhaps unsurprising since 55% expect to see minimal tech-led disruption in the next three years.

What is the lesson here for your business?


Find out how your business can adapt to the changing workplace. Download the full infographic below:

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